Two Rows Ridgers-SET 466

The primary soil tillage machine is mounted from tractor's hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system. Therefore transportation to the field can be easily done.These machines are used for making one and two rows ridgers and opening canal. According to user's wishes discs angels can be arranged (0-23°) to make canal or ridge. Also disc connection legs of machine can be arranged 20°-50°.By means of the adjustable legs of machine row spaces of canals and ridges can be adjusted 45-100 cm. This machine is manufactured with a mean diameter 100×100 mm chassis and the housings are with conical bearings.Discs are manufactured by boron steel and the dimensions are 660×6 mm. The hardness value for discs is 50-55 rh and they are durable to wear and breakage.





Technical Specifications* Unit SET 466
Number of The Disc pcs 4
Total Width (W) mm 1150 3'9"
Total Length (L) mm 2700  9'
Total Height (H) mm 1460 4'10"
Diameter of Disc mm 660 26"
Working Depth mm 250 10"
Working Width mm 1050 41"
Space Between Legs mm Adjustment
Required Power hp 60-70
Weight kg 410
Ibs 903


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