Pneumatic Precision Planter

Pneumatic Precision Planter

Pneumatic Precision Planter

Pneumatic Precision Planter Twin Row-PLANTER D

It enables to benefit upwards from soil for plants by optimizing life space.It enables to take better the air of plants.It enables to increase taking of elements such as water and sustenance by decreasing of rivalry between plants Distance of row spacing and linear distance are adjustable according to types of plants.It enables to enhance productivity between %15-20 with Twin row pneumatic precision planter.





Technical Specifications* Unit PLANTER D4x2 PLANTER D6x2
Number of Rows pcs 8 12
Total Width (W) mm 3200 5000 10'6" 16'5"
Total Length (L) mm 1900 2000  6'3" 6'7"
Total Height (H) mm 1550 1500 5'1" 4'11
Working Depth mm 0-100 0-100 0"-4" 0"-4"
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity kg 2x160 2x200
Ibs 2x352 2x440
Seed Hopper Volume dm³ 34x6 / 40x6
Space Between Rows (A) mm 500 500 1'8" 1'8"
Space Between Rows (B) mm 200 200 8' 8'
Working Speed km/h 4-8 4-8
PTO rotation rpm 540
Tyre Size   6.5x80-15
Required Power hp 90-100 100-110
Weight With Fertilizer Hopper kg 1486 2185
Ibs 3276 4817
Weight Without Fertilizer Hopper kg 1290 1950
Ibs 2843 4299


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