Double Bar Sickle Mower-CB180

Double bar sickle mower is a three-point linkage mower that attached to the lower links and to the upper link bracket of the tractor. The blade is moved by three V-belts which will slide if a solid obstruction enters to the cutter bar causing the clogging of the blade. The crank shaft and blade are dynamically ballanced, thus ensuring a smooth and quiet running of the machine. The movement device permits the cutter bar to operate at wide slope angle. The cutter bar is equipped with an automatic braker system which enables to rebound in case of coming across with an obstruction. Attaching of the machine to the tractor can be easily done by driving the tractor to the back




Technical Specifications* Unit CB 180
Number of Blades pcs 24
Distance Between Blades mm 76.2  3"
Type of Blades   Normal
Length in Operating Position mm 3320 10'11"
Width in Operating Position mm 660 2'2"
Height in Operating Position mm 1700 5'7"
Total Width in Transport Position mm 1570 5'2"
Total Height in Transport Position mm 2070 6'10"
Working Length mm 1800 5'11"
Number of Fingers (Double) pcs 12
Distance Between Fingers mm 76.2 3"
Number of Belts pcs 3
Dimensions of V-belt mm 17x2550 17x8'4"
Distance Between Belts mm 940 3'1"
Blade Stroke mm 40 1.5"
Average Volume of Cutting Length mm 1780 5'10"
Capacity ha/h 1.5
Attaching to The Tractor   3 Points
Required Power hp 35-70
Total Weight kg 248
Ibs 546


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