New generation technologies introduce many innovations in the field of agriculture that make the work of farmers easier. The use of technology in agriculture is very effective in both making agriculture more efficient and reducing the burden on the shoulders of farmers. Increasing population and urbanization rates around the world have made it necessary to increase agricultural production. In order to meet the demand, the highest yield must be obtained from existing agricultural lands. For this reason, technology and the positive benefits of technology are needed in agricultural production. Especially taking advantage of smart agricultural technologies is of great importance in bringing limited areas and small businesses to the stage in production. Digital agricultural technologies, which stimulate the interest of the rural workforce and young people in agriculture, have supportive effects on the revival of local agriculture. The use of technology in agriculture also becomes a prerequisite for ensuring sustainability in agriculture. United Nations data states that according to growth rates, the world population will be over 9.7 billion in 2050. Ensuring the food security of the growing population is directly related to making the right moves in agriculture. For this reason, It is necessary to use the moves of technology in agriculture correctly. As Agromaster, we increase investments in agricultural technologies and take innovative and pioneering steps towards innovation together with our Agromaster Technology department.